How I went from stressed out, less than satisfied, to living my best Oncore Life!

Before there was Oncore Life, before I figured out how I wanted to step back into my power and live my best lifestyle redesign, before I put a plan in place for change .... there was a stressed out, unhappy, unwell, woman looking back at me from the mirror.

Unhappy with body, weight, skin, gut health, friendships, lifestyle, career and money.

Hoping one day to wake up feeling 'better'.

Marriages, motivational speakers & lost years...


I didn't have a smooth ride through life.  I was my own worst enemy, always out to self sabotage, taking the road less travelled and never one to take-on any heartfelt, well-meaning, sincere advice.  Multiple marriages, missed opportunities, loss of my identity left me a shell of the person that I was.  Years I was caged in mediocrity, time stolen and no amount of listening to many of the great personal development and motivational speakers instilled in me the confidence to step into my power.

You may not realise how easy it is to hand over personal power to another person but when you have lost total sense of self and barely know who you are, it's hard not to.  It's like hitching a trailer onto a car - it really is the captive cup grasping to the tow ball, hoping to become secure for a safe ride just following along; sad thing is I did that more than once.  If I think back to a time in my life where I was confident, went after what I wanted and was living my true authentic life I would need to go back 30 years!... would I tell my younger self to do things differently?  I'm not sure.  If nothing else it sure has been the journey back to self.... Read on.

The years were rough.

I didn't hit reject quick enough; my life was a blur of sad cycles starting with nothing, reinventing myself, tapping into deep courage and finally learning to trust myself again.

Two children, two different fathers, my body that had literally fallen apart, hustling for the career I desired, studying and doing the single mum thing left me exhausted and anxious.

Every small breakthrough that I made was marred by a bigger hit of self doubt, not feeling good enough, feeling like an imposter and never leaving the house without a slew of tablets (even a change of clothes) as I never knew what my body was going to do.

Long hours spent by myself in a blur of wine, cigarettes and social media as my best friend, I was now responsible for stealing the time from myself.  Stuck in the comparison trap, dealing with feelings of missing out, angry that I wasn't living my best life, feeling trapped.

The years went by and one day I went back to my training...

I decided to get off the sideline of my own life and Step into my power.

I realised that curating my own dream life was NOT at odds with helping others achieve theirs.

I doubled down and decided that I needed to prioritise myself.  I sought professional assistance where needed, I worked on visualising what I wanted my future self and life to look like.  I created the Oncore Wheel of Life Tool.  I decided on my plan and put my plan into action.  I learned:

  • It doesn't matter where you are on your life journey, at anytime you can decide to Step into your power
  • Lifestyle redesign is easy, when there is a plan
  • Don't let life's growth be tied to randomness

And after all that discovery....

I started to consistently show up for myself, I discovered how to get in motion, how to build new habits (and lose some bad habits)


And best of all.... 

I have had the honour of helping other women like you step into their power and curate an amazing Oncore Life as designed by them with intention, presence and attentiveness.

How I hear you ask?


Firstly, by answering 4 questions.

  1. What is my narrative?
  2. What are my fears?
  3. When will I show up?
  4. What are my boundaries?

Over the years, I've developed a reputation for taking 'action'.

I get into the nitty gritty details that builds confidence to Step into your Power to curate your Oncore Life without feeling overwhelm.

I've shown women that they can 'DIY' their best life, and I have also walked beside women through their transformational change.


I'm able to do this, because I practice what I know.

I teach what I've personally done to build an Oncore Life with intention, presence and attentiveness.

If you like what you're reading and want to get started on your Oncore Life then check out my free Oncore Wheel of Life resource.  

Oncore Wheel of Life

Are you ready to take the REAL, momentum building steps to the life that you will love, your Oncore Life?

If I hear one more person drop the old phrase 'you have to be willing to do the work', I might just summon all my strength and let out the biggest scream.

I know you're ready to do the work.

That's why you are here.

That's why you have been searching for the one other that understands you, that one person that has gone before you, that one other that can support you as you work out the answers to your questions.

Through being here with me, you've proven that you're willing to do the work, you are listening to that quiet inner voice that wants to roar, you want to Step into your Power and live Strong 50, 60, 70 and beyond and you want to make absolutely sure that you're curating your best Oncore Life for you, your future self and no-one else.

Ready to take your stand and Step into your Power and live your best
Oncore Life!


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A Little more about me...


I started following an organic, lectin free lifestyle in April 2021 (I am a Dr Gundry Ambassador). 

I have had multiple surgeries to repair bowel, bladder & uterus prolapse.  I also lived with undiagnosed Irritable Bowel Disease for over 10 years, all my health issues were put down to the prolapses!

I was on antibiotics for my skin from 2009 - 2019. From 2020 - 2021 (18 months) I took medication for severe cystic acne (since going organic the best skin treatment has been diet and organic skincare products).

When it comes to my personal & business development and education, I am a lifelong student. I spend my time training with some of the world’s smartest online marketers & highest achievers. 

For 10 years I worked in a male dominated construction industry where I was typically the only female.

I love adventure and the freedom that comes from travelling with a backpack (first time I back-packed I was 43).

If you have any questions for me, just ASK head to my socials or email me:  [email protected]

"An Oncore life isn't something left to randomness.  An Oncore life is taking that first Step into your Power and then consistently taking steps on the path that you design for you"