Fresh Start - Step into your Power

Apr 19, 2022


Do you celebrate you?  Do you believe that you have the clarity and confidence to curate the life that you desire?  Do you believe that you are worth the effort and that you hold the key to Step into your Power?

A Fresh Start or new beginning can be set in motion by an inkling, a feeling or a seedling of an idea that manifests into something so pulling that it cannot be ignored.  2 years ago, a little voice inside my head said you can do more; that little voice drove me to take on multiple areas of study, to challenge myself to grow personally and professionally, to launch my own coaching business.  The little voice empowered me to believe in something bigger than myself and to trust that I am tracking to my north star.

So here I am, not at an arrival destination but a point to leap from - the time has come that I fulfil my purpose, embrace my inner warrior and say ‘NO’ to my imposter syndrome  and I want you to do the same.

Are you ready for a Fresh Start?  Are you ready to design your Oncore Life and Step into your Power and live Strong 50, 60, 70 and beyond?

Oncore Life is a lifestyle redesign to surpass previous performance or achievement, it is connecting with centre and living authentically through heart.  Oncore Life stands on pillars to awaken cognitive slumber, to regain self and to curate life with intention, presence and attentiveness.

Oncore Life is about living Strong 50, 60, 70 and beyond, it’s about nourishment of mind, body spirit, exercise, living simply and community.  Oncore Life is a ‘movement’ for women to connect and grow.  A community for women willing to get off the side-line of life, change their habits and transform her trajectory forever.

Oncore Life will lead to reinvention, lifestyle redesign and becoming an age-breaker as no-one wants to grow frail.  Oncore Life is your Fresh Start.

The biggest obstacles to a Fresh Start will be sticking with habit change, new routines, better life choices and even believing in a new mindset.  Working towards sustained change is tough, particularly when we are living in a fast paced world full of temptation - it can be hard to say NO.

Temptation can place so many obstacles in front of us making it difficult to not get distracted.  When attempting lasting change, excuses can become the norm.  We skip a workout for a day or two, we give into food cravings, we binge the latest season of a show, drink too much, spend hours mindlessly scrolling social media, hit snooze on the alarm (more than once); at some point the programming in our brains converts these actions (or non-action) into messages of shame and guilt affecting happiness and stress, this then becomes the reason to repeat the action, self fulfilling, feeling trapped/stuck in a cycle you want to break free from.

I was on the vicious treadmill cycle of excuses and failures for decades, I had so many excuses for why I let temptation get the better of me until one day, I decided it was time that I looked honestly at all areas of my life, I came up with a plan to redesign my lifestyle and started.  I developed a framework to follow my calling to my future self, I developed resources and created courses and now I have not only curated my own Oncore Life but I have all the resources prepared for you so you can too!

Some may call it an epiphany, a realisation but I just called it a Fresh Start with bite size change in habits, leading to the lifestyle redesign that I curated.

The thought of a Fresh Start was exciting, I didn’t have to make drastic change, I just needed to decide the areas of life that I was going to work on and start.  It isn’t a blank slate or throwing away the old,  it's waking up to a new day, it's deciding that today, here and now at this moment is the Fresh Start.

When we miss a few days of meditation, or exercise, or fall off the wagon whether that be alcohol, smoking, binge eating etc … instead of interpreting that to mean that everything you were working towards is a waste of time or that you are a failure … you can look at it as a Fresh Start opportunity. 

I’m not simply reframing things to “be positive.” There’s a lot of power available to us in a Fresh Start.

A Fresh Start can be magical:

  • We can see the habit, lifestyle or mindset with fresh eyes, and bring a sense of wonder and curiosity to where we are
  • We can learn something from past temptation and use this Fresh Start as a way to better overcome obstacles and distraction, armed with new information, so that every Fresh Start becomes a new opportunity to learn, grow and make small incremental change to set new habits to transform ourselves
  • We get to reinvent ourself, Step into our Power and do what we want
  • We can re-commit, and remind ourselves of why we’re worth it and make a Fresh Start without fear

The beautiful thing is that a Fresh Start is available to us not only when we get disrupted or stumble … but in every moment. Every day. Every breath.

A Fresh start is an opportunity to create more meaningful routines and habits, there is the potential to capture the essence of what it means to be fully alive as you are now in control and you have reconfirmed what you want, you have prioritised you and that is non-negotiable. 

Could today be the day that you decide on a Fresh Start?  Could today be the day that you listen to your future self and Step into your Power to live Strong 50, 60, 70 and beyond.  Do you have the power to take control and channel your lifestyle redesign and curate your future with intention, presence and attentiveness?

I am inspired by the simple Chamomile flower, this flower symbolises 'may all your dreams and wishes be fulfilled'.  In the late 19th century the flower signified 'energy in adversity'.  I draw strength, energy and positivity from this flower to keep striving to fulfil my dream life.  This flower is here to support all women Step into their Power and live Strong 50, 60, 70 and beyond.  I hope you too can take inspiration from simple yet perfect flower.

Download my freebie Oncore Wheel of Life resource and decide what area of your life would be the best place for you to start working towards conscious change and Step into your Power to live Strong 50, 60, 70 and beyond.  Track your routines and formulate a plan to start implementing small habits to change your life.

Good luck with your Fresh Start, I cannot wait to hear how you transform your life.

If you need assistance please drop a comment below, connect with me on social @thetaralambert or email me: [email protected]


Download my freebie Oncore Wheel of Life resource and get started with curating your Oncore Life with intention, presence and attentiveness.

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